Who are the leaders of Córdoba who will go to Cristina’s act

The details of the act of May 25 are being refined which will have Cristina Fernández de Kirchner as the protagonist and only speaker. Congressional sources say that the vice president was absent during the day to discuss the speech. much of the political arc He hopes that she will announce the candidate of the Frente de Todos, although these are mere speculations.

The list of guests ended up closing on Tuesday. The vice president herself made it with her own handwriting. It includes the names of some 300 leaders of the Frente de Todos, and ranges from governors, mayors, deputies and senators to leaders of social movements, unions and also human rights organizations, such as the Grandmothers and Mothers of Plaza de Mayo.

The vice president herself made it with her own handwriting. It includes the names of some 300 leaders of the Frente de Todos

Who goes and where they will be located is a surgical task. There are only a few hours left and those chosen to sit in the front rows open up all kinds of speculation and political interpretations. The same happens with absences: President Alberto Fernández will not be part of the game, despite having publicly called to participate in the act.

the cordovans

This is that several groups will leave from the Cordoba capital taking confirmed leaders to Plaza de Mayo. One of the leaders of the call is Martín Fresneda, former Secretary of Human Rights and current director of the Human Rights Observatory in the National Senate. All the coordination was carried out together with the candidate for lieutenant governor for Creo in Córdoba and current national deputy, Gabriela Estévez. Another of the leaders who will be accompanying Cristina.

Although the formula will not be complete. The candidate for governor Federico Alesandri will not be able to travel to Buenos Aires. The mayor of Embalse has a justified absence because he will host a “Patrimonial Barbecue” at noon in his town celebrating the May Revolution.

Martín Fresneda together with the candidate for lieutenant governor for I believe in Córdoba Gabriela Estévez will give the present

Continuing with the local “Kirchnerist list” of Creo in Córdoba, we have Juan Monserrat and Olga Riutort. Both will not be from the game either. The campaign has them going around and with presences in provincial territory.

For now it is known that the mayor of Villa María, Martín Gill, will begin Thursday with a hot chocolate and at 2:00 p.m. a civic-military parade is scheduled in the neighboring town of Villa Nueva, so his presence is not counted either.

Fabián Francioni, one of the few Kirchnerista leaders who were always present, has not confirmed his presence.

Former national official Carlos Caserio celebrates his birthday and has not planned his schedule to travel to the capital city either.

The intention is that “all Peronism” is present. An overly broad concept that marginalizes many justicialist figures, mainly Juan Schiaretti, governor of Córdoba, and the mayor Martín Llaryora, for example.

The list

Despite this, it is expected that the Truckers union, the Federal Current, the CTA, the Evita Movement have already given the present. Máximo Kirchner was gathered together with his mother, along with Emilio Pérsico, the national deputy Leonardo Grosso, Patricia Cubría and the mayor of Moreno, Mariel Fernández. Some references to the leadership of the CGT still need to be confirmed.

The invitation was also extended to the vast majority of government officials. The Chief of Staff, Agustín Rossi, has already announced his participation. The ministers closest to CFK such as Tristán Bauer (Culture), Daniel Filmus (Science and Technology), Jorge Taiana (Defense) and, obviously, Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro, were also invited and gave the present. The same Gabriel Katopodis (Public Works) and the presidential spokesperson, Gabriela Cerruti. One of those to watch is Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero.

Massa, an unknown. Scioli will not be

Another unknown is whether or not Sergio Massa will give the present, with a possible trip to Paraguay on his agenda. The Renovation Front called the event and promises to be part of the mobilization.

The one who has already warned that he will not be part of the act was the ambassador in Brazil, Daniel Scioli. A bilateral activity in the neighboring country for May 25, convened two months ago, occupies his entire agenda that day.

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