Unusual: a prosecutor in the Báez Sosa case gave Maradona’s goal against the English as an example to question two experts

In the middle of the day of arguments of the trial for the crime of Fernando Baez Sosaone of the prosecutors of the complaint gave a very particular example to question the experts presented by the defense of the eight accused rugby players.

The prosecutor Gustavo García responded to the criticisms of the forensic doctors presented by the athletes’ lawyer, Hugo Tomei. the expert Juan Jose Fenoglio he said there was “inconsistencies” in the autopsy and assured that “it did not seem written by a doctor.” García tried to dismiss it yesterday by comparing the report with Diego Armando Maradona’s goal against the English.

The Prosecutor’s Office requested a life sentence for the rugbiers because “everyone did everything to kill” Báez Sosa

“The report was objectionable, not the autopsy. If they ask me to criticize Maradona’s goal against the English, I’m going to criticize it, because he should have made the pass to Valdano several times. Not to mention that when he came to kick the goal, he eluded the goalkeeper, ”said the prosecutor.

Immediately afterwards, he said: “We could have lost the World Cup because of that, yes. But first you have to ask Maradona why he did that, maybe he tells you that he didn’t see Valdano. Well, this is the same. The doubts were not removed because they did not want to ”.

Garcia sought to dismiss Fenoglio’s witness statement with that extreme example. In this way he implied that The defense asked the expert to criticize the autopsy on the body of the 18-year-old law student murdered in Villa Gesell.

It is worth remembering that the coroner, at hearing number 13 of the trial, had said: “The mechanism of death is not described. It is extremely important to know which artery bled and what blow caused the injury (…) It is rare that a person with this trauma dies at the scene of the event.”

Burlando perpetually asked for everyone: “Báez Sosa was shot with blows and kicks”

Within the framework of the day of allegations for the trial of the murder of fernando baez sosawhere are judged eight rugby players designated as perpetrators of the crime, the attorney fernando mocking affirmed that “everyone” participated in the homicide that occurred on January 18, 2020 in Villa Gesell and requested the life imprisonment for defendants.

Everyone, absolutely everyone, participated. They all murdered Fernando Báez Sosa,” said the lawyer. “Our claim for justice, before what we call Fernando’s ordeal, is the responsibility of those who were the eight murderers of him, it is summarized in two moments of savagery and horror“, he added.

“Everyone participated, everyone hit, everyone killed”Burlando insisted while a video was projected that reproduced the violent attack of the defendants against the victim.

Trial for the crime of Fernando Báez Sosa: the 10 key revelations during the allegations

The lawyer referred to the incident that had maximum thomsen, who he thought was the “leader” of the group, with the victim inside the bowling alley. Baez Sosa “He was shot dead”, narrowed. In how the attack took place, it sure was ayrton violaz -one of the defendants less also by the witnesses-, the rugby player who He “gave” the order to attack Fernando and his friendsas heard in one of the film records.

On the other hand, he also spoke of a “liberated zone” in front of the local Le Brique and that was a “voracious butchery” carried out by the defendants with “the intention” of committing the homicide of the young law student, prior to an alleged “intelligence work.”


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