The treatment of impeachment to the Court begins

The discussion begins today in Congress, which will be strong between the opposition and the ruling party, for the idea of ​​carrying out a trial of the four members (Ricardo Lorenzetti, Carlos Rosenkrantz, Juan Carlos Maqueda and Horacio Rosatti) of the Court. There are 14 files on impeachment initiatives.

The journalist Alejandro Gomel, recounted in Fontevecchia modefor net tv Y RadioProfile (FM 101.9), that the ruling party intends to extend this discussion throughout the year, beyond not having the votes to approve said trial on campus.

Who has the maximum position is Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, which speaks of a judicial party that acts against the ruling party and the government. The main idea is that talking about Justice is part of the electoral campaign.

In addition, there is a lot of anger on the part of the governors due to the resolution of the Court in favor of the City of Buenos Aires due to the conflict of the coparticipation.

Political trial of the Court: JxC seeks to corner Massa to define his position

For his part, the opposition does not give a quorum so that there are sessions in Congress and neither for the commissions; and they hope that today the ruling party will have it to just sit down to discuss the issue and oppose it. From this part we talk about media circus and how they seek to cover up real problems such as inflation.

In the event of a strong attempt by the ruling party to advance against the Court they would present a trial against the president and the vice president, something that has no chance of advancing in the compound, but they would manage to neutralize the pro-government outpost and begin to summon different ministers to give testimony and “muddy the field“for this election year.

The UCR against the impeachment of the Supreme Court: “We are not going to participate in this circus of the ruling party”

Secondly, Elisa “Lilita” Carrió After announcing her candidacy for president, she is going to present her own project of impeachment but only Ricardo Lorenzetti, with whom he has an old confrontation.

“My project has nothing to do with the ruling party, but since the issue of impeachment is being opened, I am going to present my opinion in a minority, impeachment but only for Lorenzetti,” said the former deputy. With this we have an initial kick of what will be this political and electoral year.


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