The three challenges of the new CEO of Twitter

After the shock that involved his landing in TwitterElon Musk decided to appoint a new CEO, Linda Yaccarino, which will take office in five weeks. While she will focus on business operations, he will focus on product design and new technologies.

Graduated in arts and telecommunications, Yaccarino made a career in traditional media. As head of publicity Turner and universal nbc, had to fight digital platforms for advertisers’ money. Now on the other side of the counter, these are his main challenges.

1. Make friends with advertisers. While most brands shy away from controversy, Musk embraces controversy, such as emerging by dismantling content moderation teams and enabling the return of banned users, such as Donald Trump. In this context, Yaccarino must meet a projection of USD 3 billion in ads.

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2. stop the exodus. blue twitter It allows posting longer messages and provides a blue checkmark for proof of identity, but the implementation was too confusing. The basketball player LeBron James received the tilde despite the fact that he had not subscribed; the loss of verification caused several companies to stop providing customer services in this way.

To deal with those problems, Yaccarino’s best card is that there are no outperforming platforms yet. “People and organizations want a channel to communicate with their fans and customers, and Twitter remains one of the few places that can provide it,” she recalls. magazine cabling.

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3. Deal with Musk. The South African has an indecipherable personality and a tendency to want to cover everything. Although he trusts strong-armed lieutenants, his demanding style gets him in trouble with employees, advertisers, friends, and girlfriends. Yaccarino has already worked with demanding bosses like Ted Turner (founder of CNN), but Musk’s habit of running the business at will will be one of his crucial tests. Time will tell if the new boss manages to prosecute the erratic management of the most influential social network in the red circle.


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