The most anticipated Apple ‘gadget’ in years will arrive in mid-2023

Apple final preparations to show the world its most anticipated devices in years: the first mixed reality glasses -with virtual reality and augmented reality functionalities- created by the company. According to ‘Bloomberg’, the announcement of the device will take place during the company’s next developer event, the WWDCwhich is traditionally celebrated during the month of June.

It should be remembered that, at first, everything indicated that the glasses were going to be shown to the public between the end of last 2022 and the beginning of 2023. However, due to some problem in development, the announcement has ended up delaying in time something more than expected.

Although the glasses are expected to be shown off during the annual WWDC event, Apple is expected to wait a few months before launching the device on the market. probably until the end of the year, according to information from ‘Bloomberg’.

According to the leaks, the device will incorporate a new operating system developed from scratch by the apple company called OS reality. The system, which will incorporate the brand’s most powerful chip and offer great resolution, will be especially focused on collaborative work and gaming.

In principle it will not be an economic device, far from it. Its price is expected to move between 2,000 and 3,000 dollars. Obviously, in the European market, also in Spain, the price of glasses will be higher than in the United States. Apple, however, is working to launch a more affordable version of these glasses that could even arrive sometime in 2024.

metaverse war

The launch of the Apple viewer will coincide in time with the foreseeable one of the next metasearch from Mark Zuckerberg’s company that, on paper, will have a much more affordable price. Even though in the past tim cook has stated that he does not like the term metaverse, which refers to this new virtual world in which the user can practically replicate life itself, everything indicates that Apple is rowing to achieve its vision of the future of the Internet and its uses in relation to VR and AR (augmented reality) crystallize above that of the competition.

The company would also be working for a long time on lighter and more discreet augmented reality glasses that could be available as of 2025, if the deadlines set by the company are met.