Survey: Massa would win the run-off against Milei but would lose to Larreta or Patricia Bullrich

The electoral race for the Presidency continues to be red hot with inmates in all parties and polls that the protagonists look at to analyze the steps to follow. The Synopsis consultancy measured different runoff scenarios where the two main candidates for Together for the Change, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Patricia Bullrich, would beat Sergio Massa or Javier Milei. The Minister of Economy would only surpass the Libertarian deputy in a second round.

The survey was carried out on 1,631 citizens over the age of 16, inhabitants of the City of Buenos Aires and the main cities of the 23 provinces of the country, with a margin of error of +/- 2.3. Under the premise”If the presidential elections are today, you? Would you vote for the ruling party or for the opposition?“, 55.6% thought they would vote for the opposition, 2.4% more than the total for April. For his part, 27.5% affirmed to choose the ruling party, 0.1% less compared to last month. 16.9% assured that they would not know who they would vote for.

Sergio Massa does not want to STEP in Front of All

Within the disaggregation by space, the winning party was Together for Change, which accumulated a percentage of 26.2%. In second place was the Frente de Todos, which added 24.9%. Despite being the most elected, the opposition coalition showed a downward trend compared to last month, where it had 28.1% of the vote. For its part, the ruling party knew how to gain more support compared to April, where it agglomerated 22.8%.

In third place were the liberals/libertarians, who reached 17.1%, 0.5% more than in April. Non-Kirchnerist Peronism followed with 10.7%, 0.1% less than last month. In last place were the left-wing parties, collecting 4.6%.

The Front of All loses to Together for Change 20230524

In individual analysis among all the candidates (excluding Cristina Kirchner, Facundo Manes, Gerardo Morales and “Wado” by Pedro), the favorite was javier milei, who added 25.2%, a total greater than that accumulated by the two pro-government candidates analyzed: Sergio Massa and Daniel Scioli. In second place was Sergio Massa, with 14.3% of the votes, followed by Horacio Rodríguez Larreta with 14%. In fourth and fifth place were respectively Patricia Bullrich (12.2%) and Daniel Scioli (10.3%).

The Front of All loses to Together for Change 20230524

The balloting scenarios

The Front of All loses to Together for Change 20230524

Regarding the observation regarding the balloting scenarios, Sergio Massa lost in all the confrontations against Bullrich or Larreta. At the crossroads between Sergio Massa and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, the Buenos Aires head of government prevailed over the Minister of Economy with 46.1% against 39.8%. 14.1% were undecided.

The Front of All loses to Together for Change 20230524

In the event of a confrontation between Massa and Patricia Bullrich, the difference between the two was smaller. The holder of the PRO in use of a license was positioned as the preferred one with 45.1% against 44.8% of the holder of the Economy portfolio. For their part, 10.1% did not know what to answer.

The Front of All loses to Together for Change 20230524

The ballot in which the ruling party would be the winner is in a confrontation with javier milei. 44.5% assured the minister, while 42.9% opted for the libertarian. In this case, 12.6% were undecided.


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