Surprising: Remains of an ancient sea dragon are found in the heights of the Himalayas

A team of chinese archaeologists I found, in the region of Himalayas, fossilized Remains Fossilized Remains Of An Ichthyosaur, a huge marine reptile extinct for millions of yearstraces of which had only been found in China in the last century.

As reported by Institute of Paleontology and Paleoanthropology of China Through a statement, the fossil remains of the ichthyosaur were found promptly in the tingri and nyalam countieslocated in the autonomous region of Xizang, Tibet, Southwest China, and period data triassicwhich took place about a few 250,000,000 years.

After analyzing the bone structure, the scientists were able to determine that it is a adult ichthyosaur-popularly known as “Marine dragon– that inhabited the oceans during the mesozoic eralong before the first appeared land dinosaurs.

“This species underwent an evolution that led it to reach a length of more than 10 metersmaking it one of the first large vertebrates in history “they explained to the scientists.

“In addition, it is considered the most powerful animal among all the marine fauna of the Mesozoic”they added.


In addition to the adult ichthyosaur bones, the researchers also found several smaller and thinner ribs which, according to their belief, could have belonged to a young specimen or to a hitherto unknown species of ichthyosaur and smaller.

On the other hand, Chinese archaeologists managed to catalog a large number of fossils of ammonites and bivalve molluscs which helped them to better understand the paleo-oceanic ecosystem It took place during the Triassic period.


Few fossils are known from this marine colossusand those that exist were found on the western margins of the American continentin the european alps and in the Himalayaswhere they are concentrated, above all, in the marine stratum of the oulong Gongba Formation, dating to the Late Triassic”, they concluded.