Sergio Massa announced a program to increase the production and export of motorcycles

The Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, announced in the Motorbike Show 2023 that is carried out in the property of La Rural, the implementation of a program to increase the production and export of motorcycles.

“From Monday the procedure that gives them for the next 5 years is launched. a regime that bets on Argentine labor, added value in motorcycles and the export of our motorcycles to the region and to the world, why not”, announced Massa.

It is the scheme that benefits the companies that import incomplete motorcycles, totally disassembled, to which a local component is added to finish them. These are exempt from import duties, in accordance with a decree signed in 2019, during the government of Mauricio Macri, whose validity expired on December 31.

The exhibition, organized by CAFAM (Chamber of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers) and Messe Frankfurt Argentina, the motorcycle production chain, its related products and the latest trends.

Massa highlighted that “in the last 5 years, the motorcycle market has been recovering in terms of patenting. We are in the quarter with the highest patenting in the last 5 years, with 169,000 patentings”.

Massa announced an investment of US$ 130 million for the digitization of SMEs

“Argentina today has a restriction, the drought took almost $20 million from us. This sector sat down at a table, planned imports, payment mechanisms, guaranteed the presence and permanence of most of the workers,” added the official.

The Minister of Economy announced that the process of renewing the decree has begun so that, starting next week, it will be signed by the president “and the 2023-2028 period will be guaranteed with one central condition: adding labor and content and local pieces. The more local value added, the more Argentine work, the lower the level of imports and greater volume and capacity of production and support of the internal market”.

export growth

Massa will highlight motorcycle exports at the regional level: “We have to grow and, in any case, bet on the Argentine added value that is generated in each of the companies, which carry out this task to guarantee that we can occupy regional markets that can generate foreign exchange”.

“Argentina resolves its restriction if it increases its exports, We have already tested everything else over the last 50 years and they have not limited it, ”he added in another part of his speech.


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