Ricardo Montaner’s family history: it was done twice and he has five children

Ricardo Montaner They form one of the most famous clans in the world and their unity moves their millions of followers.

The family of the Argentine-born musician moves together and they spend most of their time together.

Now, Ricardo Montaner is married to Marlene Rodríguez, with whom he had three of his children: Evaluna, Ricky and Mau Montaner.

The family is now complete with the partners of their children: Stefi Roitman, Ricky’s partner; Camilo, Evaluna’s husband and Sara Escobar, Mau’s wife.

But before forming this established and numerous clanRicardo Montaner was married to Ana Vaz Ponicke, mother of his older children, Hector and Alexander.

Who is Ana Vaz Pönicke, the first wife of Ricardo Montaner

Ana Vaz, the ex-wife of Ricardo Montaner he kept a low profile throughout this time.

The couple married in 1975 when they both came of age and was the one who accompanied him at the beginning of his career. However, the hectic life of the musician finished by romper the relationship and decide to divorce once years after their union.

After the break with Ricardo Montaner, Ana Vaz Pönicke consider keeping a low profile and He does not have his social networks open.

What do Alejandro and Héctor do, the eldest sons of Ricardo Montaner

Alejandro and Héctor are the “low profile” sons of Ricardo Montaner that, contrary to his brothers, decide to keep a low profile on social networks and also before the cameras.

Thanks to their father’s artistic genetics, they both took the path of music to think about their future.

Alejandro has a degree in Business Administration a university in Miami, but eLigió dedicate himself to music and work in a record company is seeks of new talents where he is the vice president of the area of ​​artists and repertoires.

Hectorsecond son of Ricardo Montaner, He is an author, composer and singer and gave lyrics to singers like Abraham Matthew, who interprets “I go crazy”. Hector is married and has 3 young children and, like his father, family is always his priority.

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