Neuquén: an oil worker denounced that his colleagues abused him in a welcome ritual

United Nations oil worker denounced his colleagues for having sexually abused him in the middle of a initiation ritual. It is an agent of the company Tenaristhat provides the pipes for the gas pipeline Dead cow.

The denounced event would have occurred in the facilities that the company of the Techint Group has in the town of pickyin the province of Neuquen. Apparently, the man would have been victim of groping and groping in the changing room area and also in a van that transports the agents during working hours.

In the complaint, he also recounted that his colleagues they used items in order to hurt him.

As published by the portal Black riverthe situation of abuse came to be noticed even in front of supervisors who acquiesced in the situation by not doing anything to stop it. The rite was called “celebrating the birthday” and it is speculated that there could be other victims who did not report.

Justice rehabilitated oil exploration off Mar del Plata

The situation is being investigated by the provincial Justice through the chief prosecutor Maximiliano Breide Obeid, who stated that the complaint was filed a month ago despite the fact that it is only now known. In the company, meanwhile, await attentively the possible measures that the fiscal representative can take since a significant amount of the campus could be responsible for the crime, both as perpetrators or as accomplices.

The prosecutor said that it is not ruled out that the people who attacked the new worker They have suffered the same thing on their admission and have repeated it in the denounced case.

The abuse would take place in a company that provides pipes for Vaca Muerta.

It was common practice that they had naturalized in the company. This person was encouraged to report, we believe that there are other cases, but we can only act, as it is a crime of a sexual nature, if the victim makes the complaint,” said the prosecutor before a query from the aforementioned portal.

The investigation

Once I file the complaint, Justice enabled the fair to be treatedDue to the seriousness of the crime reported. That is why the investigators will be authorized and the first measures will be ordered.

Among them, it was verified that an expertise was carried out on the complainant, where the injuries were verified. Too the victim’s statement was taken that since he did not know the names of his attackers, he provided the nicknames and that information was key to identifying them.

The company did an internal investigation and handed over the list to the Justice together with the records of the security cameras that show the entrances to the changing rooms and to the combi, the places where the alleged abuses take place.

The “Lucio Law” will be dealt with in the extraordinary sessions of the Senate

The prosecutor, meanwhile, said that the investigated workers were notified by the Justice to designate their defense. Next week, meanwhile, the hearing to formalize charges will be held, The summer judicial fair is over.

what the company said

Meanwhile, once the complaint was made public, the Tenaris company published a statement in which it admitted that there were “serious situations of harassment suffered by an operator” and that disciplinary measures were taken against 11 workers, some of whom were dismissed and others suspended.

The company has a ‘Transparent Line’ so that their employees can report safely and confidentially when actions and deviations from the Code of Conduct are identified”, they indicated.

That code holds thatand the firm “will not tolerate any type of abuse, harassment, coercion or bullying”be it sexual, physical, psychological or of any other nature”. It is published on the website.


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