NASA monitors a ‘potentially dangerous’ asteroid for planet Earth

The POT monitors a asteroid potentially dangerous for the planet EarthFor this reason, researchers are on alert and developing precautionary defense methods to avoid a hypothetical impact that could cause serious damage to the territory of the globe.

From the united states space agency They assured that it will pass at a distance of 7.2 million kilometers from Earth’s orbit in the current month and will move at high speed. When will it happen?

What day do NASA members anticipate that the asteroid will approach planet Earth?

The rocky object classified as asteroid 2023 CL3 According to the updated records of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration would go through the Land the next Wednesday May 24 of 2023.

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Asteroid could hit planet Earth

Due to its enormous size, specialists pointed out that the celestial body would double the dimensions of the Statue of Liberty. Therefore, it is considered that the territory we inhabit is not prepared to defend itself against a threat of such magnitude.

In this sense, the CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk, raised the alarms through his official account of the social network Twitter and emphasized that “a large rock will eventually hit the Earth and we currently have no defense.”

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Background on the presence of asteroids in the orbit of planet Earth

Last April 12 the POT located 5 asteroids that entered the orbit of the planet Earth and they inquired about the possible risk of their approach as a result of their considerable proportions. They are made up of construction materials left over from the formation of the sun.


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The stony bodies are detected through a long-term forecast project devised by the POT which is made up of 6 key objectives that will become more important:

  • Boost efforts to discover space objects
  • Strengthen international cooperation on the matter
  • Develop the means to reject any possible threat


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