NASA found a “book” on Mars

The POT is exploring the surface of Tuesday in order to analyze its relief and how the planet is constituted. Within the framework of a new space research mission have made a surprising finding: a book.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration I discovered on the Red Planet a unique object that, due to its shape and size, resembles what appears to be a work of text. what is it about discovery?

The images of the piece that ended with questions among the experts were captured by the tracking vehicle curiosity rovertechnological tool through which it was possible to elucidate that it really was a stone named as “Mainland”a rock that according to its figure was confused with a written copy.

NASA’s Perseverance rover discovered a rushing riverbed on Mars

Curiosity rover rover on Mars

How was the photograph of the alleged “book” taken by the Curiosity rover?

According to the description of the members of the US government agency (POT) he “book”, “it would be resting on the covers and would have an open leaf”. The aforementioned robot took the photograph using a camera called the Mars Hand Lens Imager, located at the end of its robotic arm.

Exotic boulders are common in Tuesday and, normally they take that type of appearances as a consequence of the filtered water through the cracks that are formed in its soil and generate the erosion thereof.

NASA has a habitat ready to simulate a year on Mars

Planet Mars.

The mistake on the part of POT arose as a result of the data collected took time to reach Earth and the organization processed them late, because the investigation had been carried out on April 15.

A study revealed that finding life on Mars will be “difficult, if not impossible”

What is NASA’s long-term goal with its arrival on Mars?

The POT began their preparations for two astronauts to reach Tuesday and they will remain on the planet for a period of 30 days between the years 2030 and 2040. The long journey could be carried out with correct financing and adequate technology to guarantee the safety of the crew.


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