Margarita Páez greeted Martín Páez for his birthday with some tender photos of his childhood

daisy paez and Martin Paez They have a very good sibling relationship. For this reason, this afternoon, the daughter of Fito Páez and Romina Ricci she shared retro images alongside him on her Instagram Stories.

Later, the young man published them on his networks as well.

Margarita Paez and Martin Paez.

“Happy birthday Martín. I love you,” wrote Margarita Páez in one of the photos. There she was seen as a baby, with a bottle in her hand, next to Martin Paez playing him Next to her, she showed a hand where the influencer said it was her father’s.

Margarita Páez and Martin Páez
Margarita Paez and Martin Paez.

The other photo that uploaded daisy paez It was already a little bigger. I was with Martín Páez driving a toy helicopter, very concentrated. As a good older brother, the son of Fito Páez and Cecilia Roth I helped her with the remote control.

Undoubtedly, the Páez brothers love each other and also maintain a beautiful friendship.

Margarita Páez and Fito Páez
Margarita Páez and Martín Páez with their father.

What do the children of Fito Páez do?

Martín is 24 years old and is a plastic artist. He is also dedicated to managing the Fito Páez online store, in which merchandising of the musician is sold.

Despite keeping that job, Martin’s passion is art It started when I was just 3 years old.

Fito Páez and his children
Martín Páez with his father.

In 2019, the eldest son of fito paez He had his first exhibition of paintings. Despite his low profile, Martín gave an interview in 2021 where he described his day-to-day life as the son of the most famous musician in the country.

daisy paez She is the youngest of the clan. The young woman is 18 years old and has a marked passion for the piano, like her grandmother, who bears the same name.

Margarita Páez and Fito Páez
Margarita Páez with her father.

in the series, The love after Loveit is shown that Fito Páez’s motherwho had cancer when he was just 8 months old, he also played the piano, so Margarita not only inherited his name.

Also, the youngest daughter of fito paez He made his film debut at the age of 14, in the film The Father of My Children (2018), in which his mother acted.

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