Isadora, Chayanne’s daughter, follows in his artistic footsteps and launched as a singer last year

Isadora Figueroathe talented daughter of Chayanne, has undoubtedly become the girl of the moment, shining with her own light on social networks and conquering more followers every day. Recently, this young promise released her first songs, which have already become a success.

But her rising musical career isn’t the only reason why Isadora is grabbing everyone’s attention. The artist is also an active presence on social networks, where she dazzles her followers with her impeccable style and stunning looks.

This is how Isadora is today, Chayanne

This was Isadora in her childhood and adolescence

Recently, the young woman appeared to everyone by sharing on her Instagram stories Some photos and videos of his childhood, revealing moments unknown until now, since Chayanne did not usually share intimate aspects of his family life with his fans.

This is how Isadora is today, Chayanne

A video was also released where she is seen in her teens, practicing the guitar, an instrument in which she has perfected herself. In that video he also commented that between the ages of 6 or 7 he began to write songs.

How is life for Isadora, Chayanne’s daughter

Born in Miami Beach, Florida, Isadora developed her passion for music at an early age., following in the footsteps of his recognized father. Last year she marked her debut as a singer with the release of her first single, “HBD!”. In addition, she recently graduated from the University of Miami School of Music, where she acquired all the necessary tools to start her professional career in the world of music.

This is how Isadora is today, Chayanne

Dedication and perfectionism are values ​​that Isadora has shown to be very present in her musical career. Before launching as a solo artist, he decided to establish his own record label, Mariposa Music. Her song “HBD!” was released through this label and, with her retro pop sound, became her artistic calling card. Although this first composition is almost entirely in Spanish, the artist does not rule out addressing English in future releases.

This is how Isadora is today, Chayanne

With her undeniable talent and absolute dedication to her career, Isadora Figueroa has shown that she is ready to make a name for herself in the music industry.


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