Fito Páez paid an emotional tribute to Martín Páez on his birthday: “You are my total north”

fito paez is on everyone’s lips after the premiere of “The love after Love”, his biopic where he recounts part of his hard life, his childhood and his great loves. In the midst of the flurry that will end the production of Netflix, the singer is unstoppable celebrating the 30th anniversary of the album that marked a milestone in National Rock.

phyto He shares his most memorable presentations on his networks, but also highlights the great company he has on his tours, his children: Martin and Marguerite.

Always very demonstrative, the musician usually dedicates tender messages to his children. In this opportunity, The singer paid tribute to Martín Páez on his birthday by making an emotional post that reached the hearts of his fans.

Through Instagram and with a close-up photo of the young man, Fito highlighted: “Happy birthday Martín! I never learned as much from anyone as from you! You are my absolute north. A source of wisdom and inexhaustible love!”, The musician started.

Fito Páez and his children
Fito Páez’s message to Martín

“May today be another great day, but much more special. Enjoy it with everything! Inexhaustible fighter. I love you endlessly. Papa”Páez closed his publication, which was filled with “likes” and messages of love for his son.

Martín, the artist son of Fito Páez

Martín is 23 years old and is a plastic artist. In addition, he is dedicated to driving Fito Páez online store, in which merchandising of the musician is sold.

Despite keeping that job, Martin’s passion is art It started when I was just 3 years old.

Fito Páez and his children

In 2019, the eldest son of Fito Páez and Cecilia Roth, He had his first exhibition of paintings. Despite his low profile, Martín gave an interview in 2021 where he described his day-to-day life as the son of the most famous musician in the country.

Fito Páez and his children

“I get up early, have breakfast, watch a bit of YouTube, then I go to my office, I answer the emails, I catch up, I work in my father’s store, we make t-shirts, divers, we try to get people as much as Fito’s music,” he explained.


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