Expectation for the presence of Massa in Plaza de Mayo: will he attend Cristina’s act?

One of the biggest unknowns of the act that will be held this Thursday 25 in Plaza de Mayo and that will have the vice president Cristina Kirchner as speaking directorconsists of the presence of sergio masa, which until Wednesday had a series of commitments scheduled for the day of the call. From the environment of the Minister of Economy, he maintains doubts about his eventual participation in the event that commemorates the new anniversary of the May Revolution of 1810 and the 20th anniversary of the presidential assumption of Néstor Kirchner.

The official, and one of the possible presidential candidates of the Frente de Todos, was invited by the deputy Máximo Kirchner to the meeting that will bring together a large part of Peronism.

Maximo Kirchner and Sergio Massa. Photo: NA

At the same time, Massa summoned the son of the head of the Senator to join the Economy delegation that will travel to China.

As the agency learned Argentine News, the Minister of Economy had scheduled a work meeting at the Yacyretá dam “for the sale of energy and new debt”, and also a meeting with the president-elect in Paraguay, Santiago Peña. However, from his environment they clarified that “will do everything possible to arrive” and they also specified that he gave the order to mobilize the militancy of the Renewal Front.

PROFILE He contacted the official’s spokespersons, but there were no conclusive answers about his participation.

Economists explain that Massa’s measures are not enough amid extremely high inflation

The organization of the event, which will also commemorate the 50th anniversary of the end of the ban on Peronism with the inauguration of Héctor Cámpora on May 25, 1973, came under the control of Cristina Kirchner’s small circle and the venue was changed.

In this way, the former president will again lead an act in the place where seven and a half years ago, on December 9, 2015, made the valedictory speech after three consecutive terms of her husband and she in the Casa Rosada.

The act was convened at 4:00 p.m. in Plaza de Mayo, so it is expected that after that time the vice president, the only speaker of the day, began to develop her speech.

Massa and Máximo: together in China?

Over the weekend, the head of the Palacio de Hacienda will leave with a delegation that will be attended by Máximo Kirchner, who will be his first trip abroad as a leader. In the Asian giant they will maintain an agenda that includes bilateral meetings and with BRICS authorities.

The first stop will be in Shanghai, the country’s financial capital, and the second in Beijing. The meeting with BRICS officials will aim to obtain a guarantee from the group’s bank so that Brazil can finance Argentine imports and the expansion of the use of the famous swap.


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