Elena Roger, Caro Domenech and Clara Alonso reveal the secrets of the new season of “Entrelazados”: “Exceeded expectations”

“Intertwined” came back a disney more with its second season and expectations are very high among fans of this original production that can be seen in Latin America and the world. Scam Caro Domenech, Elena Roger and Clara Alonso reprising their roles, the series will be loaded with new revelations, but also a lot of music.

After the intrigues with which the first installment ended, the new episodes of “Intertwined” find Marco traveling back in time to the year 2021 thanks to the bracelet that in the first part had taken Allegra to 1994, the year she met him.

Fascinated by this new world that opens before his eyes, he will seek to stay with Allegra during that time. Meanwhile, the Sharps received an offer impossible to refuse to take the play “Light Years” to another level, something that will not be easy to achieve, since several revelations from the past that have remained unresolved since that fire will be at stake. in 1994 .

Prior to its premiere on Disney Plus, CARAS spoke with Caro Domenech, Elena Roger and Clara Alonso, the actresses who give life to Allegra, Cocó and Caterina, respectively. In a relaxed chat, the artists talked about what it was like to film this second installment and how their characters changed in this new story.


-What was it like to record this second season taking into account that they no longer had the limitations of the pandemic?

Dear Domenech: -For me, obviously I enjoyed the first one a lot, but it was something much calmer. In this opportunity It was also much more enjoyable to be able to literally share the scenes more face to face and also to be able to be with your colleagues calmly without having a mask or a screen that covered your face, without so much distanceThere were more hugs, more affection, those things that are also very, very important to me on set. It was possible to enjoy much more from a more sentimental and tactful side, which for me personally is very, very important. Because at the time we rehearsed the scenes with a mask and the screen and perhaps that connection, feeling truly close to the other person cost us a little more. It was good to live both experiences.

-Of course, because in the series there is this question of connection…

ElenaRoger:-I think it was achieved anyway, in the first season I think it was very well recorded. What I think is that there wasn’t that tension of I don’t know how Caro says it, of not being able to get closer, not being able to hug, not being able to get to know your colleagues better through the talk…We were heroes when we made Entrelacados 1 and we did it… It doesn’t even show that we are in a pandemic. But in the second season we are much more relaxed… There was no continuous tension in the work of the makeup artists, there was no tension, so we were already able to put all our energy into focusing on what we used to tell.


-What will the new season of “Intertwined” bring?

Clara Alonso: -I think that in this second season we were all doubtful or with the illusion of being able to imagine what the team of playwrights behind the project was going to write. We all gave our opinions, we even thought of ideas of things that occurred to us and I think that it far exceeded the expectations of what we could imagine.

It is a very choral series, although there are characters that are main or more important stories in some way, such as the Sharp’s link, everything that follows, I think there are a lot of characters that are being assembled and appearing and each one going through quite deep things that makes everything more unique and that each character is not stuffed, but also brings something to contribute conflict and reality to this story. That although it is a youth story, it has a weight and bases that are quite universal and suitable for the whole family.


“Intertwined exceeded expectations”

“Entrelazados” has a huge background production and its value stands out in that it is a series produced in Argentinawith our idioms and ways of expressing ourselves and that it is intended for a varied group of viewers, since in addition to being a youth production, it covers global issues.

“Reading the script seemed great to me, but when I saw it it exceeded my expectations. The rhythm, the songs, the way it’s edited and that’s what I liked. It’s like it’s super different from the text, when you read, it can be the other way around, you can read a script and then find something fantastic that you don’t like, this for me was superior, I liked it very, very much,” said Elena Rogar moved.

In this sense, caro domenech expanded: It was superior, it was very interesting to read Allegra again, to see how she also faced this whole second season because I remember that when the first one ended there were a lot of people who were like they didn’t meet her so much because she first she was with Marco then she had a love affair with Félix so people were like… What’s up and I think it was great to be able to have the opportunity for Allegra to explain what is happening to her this second season with such sincerity, so open, “he stressed.

The new episodes of the series feature the return of José Giménez Zapiola “El Purre” (“Marco”), Kevsho (“Félix”), Rodrigo Pedreira (“Franco”), Benjamín Amadeo (“Diego” in 2021), Lucila Gandolfo (“Lucía”), Berenice Gandullo (“Bárbara” in 2021), Manuela Menéndez (“Caterina” in 1994) and Manuel Ramos (“Diego” in 1994), with the special participation of Favio Posca (“Mike”).

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