Due to greater liquidation of the soybean dollar, the Central Bank was able to buy US$ 111 million

The Central Bank closed the day of this Wednesday with a positive balance of $111 millionaccumulating 14 consecutive wheels with purchases.

In detail, the economist Salvador Vitelli pointed out that the Central Bank bought US$333 million at $300 and sold US$222 million on the MULCresulting in a net purchase of US$111 million at $428.30 per dollar (prorating the issuance over the net purchase).

Thus, the Central accumulated a loss of $201,669 million and issued $458,736 millionwhat represents the 8.5% of the monetary base.

Agricultural dollar: add new products to promote the program

The purchase volume was possible thanks to the fact that, through the Export Increase Program (PIE) or soybean dollar, agriculture contributed more than $332 millionmarking a record number since the reinstatement of the measure, according to the analyst Gustavo Quintana, from PR Corredores de Cambio.

The accumulated so far of the third edition of the soybean dollar “exceeds US$ 3,500 million,” the Central Bank said in a statement.

Meanwhile, market sources indicated that the purchases by the monetary authority occurred in a context of energy import payments for $110 million.

For his part, Quintana explained that during the week the monetary authority added income from US$ 492.91 million and in the month, US$ 307 million.


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