Coti Romero revealed that El Conejo did not want to be his partner in Dancing 2023

Coti Romero, it has been known for a long time, that he is going to participate in Dancing 2023. The one who said that the young had been summoned was Ángel De Brito, the king of the scoops related to the show and the director of JUSTICE by the nights of América TV. At that time, he revealed that the former participant of Big Brother 2022 had been summoned with Rabbit, her boyfriend.

At first it was believed that they were going to dance together, although recently in a Live, the ex-sister revealed that in the end it will not be like that.

Coti Romero and The Rabbit.

The words of Coti Romero

Tonight on LAM, in the summary of the week, they said that Coti Romero stated that she will not dance with her boyfriend. the ex Big Brother He also stressed that she really wanted him to be her partner even though the influencer was not. “He prefers that each one make their name,” said the influencer.

Of course, that caught the attention of their fans, who would have loved to see them dancing together. Even so, the young woman clarified that it was not a decision of her partner but of the production of the program.

Coti Romero from Big Brother responded to rumors of a wedding with El Conejo
Coti Romero and The Rabbit.

Who will be the dancer of Coti Romero for Dancing 2023

brito angel launched a possible dancer with whom he will have to participate in the intense dance competition of marcelo tinelli this time on América TV. According to the journalist, it will be maxi diorio who will accompany the correntina. Apparently, the production of the program would have raised the ex-participant of Big Brother that you should agree to participate with a professional dancer to be a part.

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