Cinthia Fernández revealed that an energetic cleaning was done: “They went with a pendulum to see that everything flows”

cinthia fernandez He revealed on his networks that he did an energy cleanup in the place where he will install his new venture and found what he found there.

Through his Instagram stories, the model she reported that she contacted a sorcerer who helped her remove the bad energy that the place had, added to the fact that She indicated that she knows that they have done “macumbas” to her, something that she had already revealed some time ago, pointing to her ex-mother-in-law.

“There are people who eat and enjoy bad things happening, who want me to get hit by a train today and a lot of things, You already know the people I’m talking about, shitty people who have nothing to do, right?” Fernandez in his story.

“This same month I was hit in the same way three times, in the same place three times. My mom just dropped the girls off at school, it also happened this month, and they crashed the remis. All the things that we have been letting go, obviously, from all the gualichos and the shit they throw at us. Imagine yourself with this news of a new venture”, below cynthia in his story, giving an account of the bad things that have been happening to him.

“Question, that I go to the place where my enterprise will be to clean it. And they do not know what happened. They went with a pendulum to measure the energies of the place, so that everything flows, so that everything is fine. When the pendulum swings clockwise, you’re all set. The issue is when it turns against. I invite you to watch the video that I am going to show you below,” they show a clip where they saw how they cleaned the place.

Cinthia reported that they also focused on a mirror that gave off bad vibrations. “To give you an idea, mirrors are one of the worst things that suck bad energy or store energy. Look what happens when we put ourselves in front of the mirror when I stand in front of the mirror with the man who is an incredible being, a boss who came to clean the place,” he said.

Cinthia Fernández cleaned her house of bad vibes

The panelist She reported that she did the same cleaning in her house to also be calmer. “As it never hurts, the energy in my house is beautiful, it is all clean, new, the plants grow like they never did, in short, everything is positive,” he clarified.

Then he closed: “It’s a crazy thing, that is, they don’t understand what they are pricking the doll for me,” pointing out the supposed curse they did to him.


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