Ángel De Brito awarded at LAM to Cande Tinelli for Bailando 2023

brito angel contribution tonight in JUSTICE que Cande Tinelli will be part of Dancing 2023. After months of rumors about it, the driver finally assured that Marcelo Tinelli’s daughter has already given the OK and even He has his team together.

Angel De Brito and Cande Tinelli.

Cande Tinelli has already chosen the two people who will accompany her more closely in this new challenge. As a dancer, the singer wanted Jony Lazarte and María Laura Cattalini as a choreographer, “La Catta”, who was struck on the tracks of the programs of marcelo tinelli not only for being the head coach but for her elegant looks.

jony lazarte danced with jimena barón at La Academia and the choreographer coached several celebrities, among them, fer dente, a great friend of Cande Tinelli.

Cande Tinelli
Cande Tinelli’s team.

Juli Castro and Cami Homs are also confirmed for Bailando 2023

Ángel De Brito also revealed that Juli Castro and Cami Homs will participate in Dancing 2023. The daughter of Mommy Giardina (who was romantically linked weeks ago with Marcelo Tinelli) and the ex-partner of rodrigo de paul, They already signed the contract.

julio castro
Julio Castro.

Another name that the LAM driver gave was that of Lourdes Sanchez, who is looking for a dancer and Anabel Sanchez, who became a great influencer these days and her name covered all the media. In fact, she has just signed a contract to be part of the staff of the Multitalent Modeling Agency.

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