A poll ranked JxC as the winning force and Milei as the candidate with the most votes

A new survey released this Wednesday, citizen thermometeran online poll conducted between May 14 and 22 by Opinionput back to Together for Change (JxC) as the force with the highest vote intention with a view to the next elections STEP. However, the revelation was the parity that they registered in the inmates of that space between Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Patricia Bullrich. Also, the Frente de Todos was thirdbelow La Libertad Avanza de javier milei.

According to the report, the opposition coalition adds 27 percentage points. The surprise is that Javier Milei’s La Libertad Avanza came second, with just one less point (26). Given that in that liberal space there would be no inmates, it is projected as the most voted candidate in the primaries. And third, far from the second round, the Frente de Todos was left with 20 points.

Internal Larreta-Bullrich

The survey showed that the internal would be won by Bullrich, with 12%, followed by Rodríguez Larreta with 8 points. Other candidates who also have presidential aspirations such as Gerardo Morales, Facundo Manes, José Luis Espert and Elisa Carrió They show up far in the checks.

The data collection technique was an online survey “applying a self-administered questionnaire with closed and open questions and opinion scales”, the analysts led by Guido Moscoso pointed out in their report..

New survey supports Javier Milei and Patricia Bullrich as the leaders with the best image

Kicillof, the best measure of the FdT

Another novelty of this study is that in the official primary Axel Kicillofwho for now insists on his idea of ​​running for re-election in the province of Buenos Aires, He is the most voted candidate in the internalscam 8%above other strong names in the official coalition such as the ministers Eduardo “Wado” by Pedro and Sergio Massa.

In any case, the lack of definition in Kirchnerism and the governing coalition to define candidates and internal ones could modify that “floor” of 20 points in front after the PASO.

Opinion He also consulted on the main problems facing the country and their possible solutions.

Two polls show a triple tie in the first round of October

Main problems of the country

1. Nearly 3 out of 4 Argentines consider that inflation is one of the country’s main problems, comfortably leading the ranking of concerns.

2. When highlighting possible solutions for inflation, there is no general consensus. FdT voters suggest greater regulation of employers, while JxC electorate propose controlling public spending and reducing the deficit. Milei’s supporters, for their part, also raise the dollarization of the economy as a possible measure to lower inflation.

3. Today there are more people against dollarization than in favor: only a third would agree with dollarizing the Argentine economy. Comparatively, the highest level of adherence to the measure occurs in young people under 25 years of age and in the middle class. Only among the voters of J. Milei dollarization has a majority agreement, over 70%.

4. The reasons for rejecting dollarization have to do with the loss of economic sovereignty, the potential increase in poverty and inequality, and dependence on a foreign currency.


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